Manage Multiple Desktops with Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows 10

Multiple Desktops in Windows 10

Multiple Desktops (not to be confused with Azure Virtual Desktop) in Windows 10 are great for organizing your apps and decluttering your taskbar. Try one desktop for Outlook, one for deep work on a project, one for social media, etc.

The two-minute video in this article demonstrates how to use keyboard shortcuts to quickly create new desktops, switch between desktops, and close desktops.

Tip: Watch the whole video before you Ctrl+Win+D to create a new desktop, otherwise you might not know how to get back to your original desktop (Ctrl+Win+Left Arrow)!

Manage Multiple Desktops with Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows 10
Use this keyboard shortcut:To do this:
Ctrl+Win+DCreate a new desktop
Ctrl+Win+Left ArrowGo to the previous desktop
Ctrl+Win+Right ArrowGo to the next desktop
Ctrl+Win+F4Close the current desktop
Win+TabActivate task view

Check out all Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts here.

If keyboard shortcuts aren’t your cup of tea, you can work with multiple desktops using your mouse — here’s a link to an article that explains how. That said, with just a little practice, the keyboard shortcut method becomes very efficient.

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