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Microsoft provides a wealth of excellent training, resources, and documentation for all of its Microsoft 365 products in various locations around the web, but it can be a challenge to find them when you need them. The 365 Training Portal makes it easy to quickly find what you’re looking for by logically organizing links to these key assets in one fast-loading, simple-to-navigate website.

You might wonder why not just use Bing or Google to find Microsoft 365 assets yourself? It’s a great question; here are our top two reasons:

  1. The 365 Training Portal has links to hundreds of Microsoft 365 resources that don’t necessarily show up in the top search results (and thousands that might!) unless you know exactly what to search for.
  2. The 365 Training Portal has a dedicated page for every Microsoft 365 app, all laid out the same, with links to all the top resources for the apps, making it super-easy to get a quick overview of the apps, and then to get up and running with the basics, or to deep dive if you need to.

If your goal is for you and/or your company/organization to get the most out of Microsoft 365, we hope you’ll find the 365 Training Portal an invaluable resource.

365 Training Portal benefits

  • Quick access to Microsoft’s top training materials, documentation, and user adoption resources.
  • Microsoft’s app overview videos all in one place — quickly discover what all of your apps are capable of!
  • The latest news, tips, and tricks via Microsoft’s official blogs and podcasts.
  • Simple navigation: all assets are just a couple of clicks away.
  • Saves time and boosts efficiency and productivity.
  • Empowers users and organizations to take advantage of all that their subscriptions have to offer.


Quickly discover what all of your Microsoft 365 apps can do by visiting the various app pages on this site and watching the short overview videos at the top. Press the F key on your keyboard to toggle full screen mode while videos are playing.

Site layout

Each of the core Microsoft 365 apps has a dedicated page on the 365 Training Portal. All app pages follow the same format:

  • App overview video
  • App description
  • Links to the app’s key training, resources, and documentation
  • The latest news from the app’s blog
  • Real-world case studies of the app
  • Microsoft’s official app Twitter feed

Target audience

While any Microsoft 365 user will benefit from using the portal, it will be particularly useful to IT professionals, project managers, curriculum developers, teachers, trainers, consultants, and those responsible for user adoption within their organizations.

For those unfamiliar with the various apps, the 365 Training Portal makes it easy to watch Microsoft’s short app overview videos to gain a general understanding of their intended use, and then quickly access training videos, documentation, and resources should they want to go deeper. This can be particularly useful for executives, managers and team leaders who may not be using the apps on a daily basis (or at all) themselves, but nonetheless need an understanding of what Microsoft 365 and its apps are capable of.

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