Microsoft Teams Emoji Shortcuts

Microsoft Teams Emojis
The original Microsoft Teams emojis


This page has the shortcuts for the original set of Microsoft Teams emojis. On April 22, 2021, Microsoft announced the Expanded Emoji Picker, and on February 14, 2022, Microsoft announced Fluent Emojis, now in public preview.

Visit the Microsoft Feedback Portal to see what others are saying about the new emojis or to provide your own feedback.


The emoji shortcuts shown here work with the new “fluent” emojis.

Emoji shortcuts FTW!

Inject a little fun (where appropriate, of course!) with animated emojis in Microsoft Teams.

While you can click on the emoji button and then select an emoji, you can also simply type the emoji shortcut (including parentheses) in your Teams conversations to display the associated emoji. Enjoy!

Microsoft Teams Emoji Shortcuts Demo

Download the free pdf (86 Shortcuts):

Use the embedded pdf viewer:

Teams Emoji Shortcuts Animated GIF
The original Microsoft Teams emojis


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